The dedicated staff at ICS actively practices the principles of total quality management which integrates all organizational functions toward innovation, continuous quality improvement and total customer satisfaction. ICS’s commitment to quality manufacturing excellence is exemplified by our ISO 9001 compliant processes. Our streamlined processes and customer-focused approach to quality improvement maximize the cost-efficiency, performance, and utility of your parts. 

Quality Policy
The ICS team is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements by utilizing continuous improvement, empowered employees, and developing solutions based upon the voice of the customer. The ICS team is dedicated to delivering defect free products and services on time with optimum value. 

Our Core Values

  • Unparalleled customer satisfaction
  • Stakeholder value
  • Empowered reliable team members
  • Uncompromising continuous improvement-Lean 

Innovation in technology
ICS is respected in the industry based on our understanding that technology doesn’t stand still. Part of our secret is continuously searching for improvements that are focused on adding value to our customers. Lean manufacturing principles implemented in a technology driven company have allowed ICS to develop & deliver products – faster, more efficiently, more cost effective, using fewer resources. Our research and development team mixes core technical knowledge with specific customer requirements to focus their efforts investigating and developing new technologies to meet or exceed these customer expectations. 

Operational Excellence- Lean
Like most things in business, manufacturing excellence is largely about process control and the people that maintain that control.  At ICS, our people are what really set us apart from other manufacturers, as well as, our dedication to Lean Manufacturing. Lean manufacturing is maximizing customer value while minimizing waste (working smarter not harder). We are always moving forward and making improvements a step at a time – making today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.  While ensuring we have the latest in technology and equipment, we also invest in our people to make sure they’re the best in their field and function as a team. At ICS, our employees get the opportunity for hands-on learning in a diverse and dynamic manufacturing environment. Our team’s enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, along with their dedication to customer satisfaction mean that manufacturing excellence using Lean is a way of our life at ICS.

ICS has earned our commanding industry reputation through our integrity, customer service excellence, and superior manufacturing services that provide our customers with a strategic market advantage. Please contact us to learn how we might partner with you to create an opportunity for sustained success.