Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer has nearly two decades of experience in land-based and aerospace gas turbine engines as well as in hot gas path and combustion hardware. Before founding ICS, he held leadership positions at GE and Woodward and founded STS/Meyer Tool and ARES/GTE.

Palmer brings expert knowledge of product manufacturing and repairs. He has experience with standard combustion, MNQC, DLN-1, DLN-2.0, DLN 2.6 and 2.6+. He also has experience with multiple engines including Frame 3, 5, 6, 7EA, 7FA, 9E and 9FA+E Swozzle, Siemens Westinghouse Frame 251 and 501-D5 industrial gas turbine engines. In aero-derivative and aerospace, Palmer has experience with the LM family of engines, GG8, FT8, RR RB-211 and multiple other jet engines.

Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy has over 30 years of experience in the repair and manufacturing of large steam turbine stationary and rotating parts and land based hot gas path components including rotating parts and combustion hardware. He gained his experience while in leadership positions at GE, PSM and GTE.

Murphy’s experience with gas turbine engine models is broad and includes GE Frames 3, 5, 6, 7EA, 9E, 7FA, and the LM2500, as well as Siemens Westinghouse Frames 251, 501-D5, D42, F and G. He has experience with standard combustion, MNQC, DLN-1, DLE, DLN-2.0 and DLN 2.6.

ICS was founded by two power industry veterans with decades of experience in the repair, overhaul and manufacturing of heavy industrial gas turbine combustion components.

Experienced Staff

  • Project / Manufacturing Engineer – 20+ Yrs. (Goodrich / Delavan) Industrial, Gas Turbine and Exhaust After-treatment Fuel Nozzles, Kay Brazing Seminar, IGT Combustion Short course (UC-Irvine).
  • Engineering, Quality & Lean – 20+ Yrs. (Woodward & Goodrich) Aerospace, Automotive & Industrial, Woodward & Goodrich (fuel nozzles, combustion assemblies) 6-SIGMA Black Belt
  • Quality & Process Engineering – 20+ Yrs. (Trust, ARES/GTE) -Aerospace, Automotive, Medical & Industrial (fuel nozzles, combustion assembly, component manufactures)
  • Design/Drafting- 25+ Yrs. (HEICO, Belcan, ICS) Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive structural assemblies and components
  • Logistics /Customer Service – 15 + Yrs. (Goodrich, ARES/GTE, ICS) Aerospace & Industrial , (fuel nozzles, combustion assemblies, component manufacture)
  • Lead Development Technician – 25+ Yrs. (PSM & ARES/GTE, ICS) Industrial fuel nozzles, aerospace assembly & test – mechanic