Capital Spare Parts
Integrated Combustion Solutions maintains an extensive inventory of refurbished and used serviceable components, such as, fuel nozzles, caps, liners, and many other combustion components, giving cost effective options, aligned with both your operational needs and project deadlines.

Rotable Parts Program
By drawing on the experience of users from around the world and analyzing which parts are repaired/replaced most frequently, we have developed a dedicated inventory of replacement components.

Taking a partnership approach, we can integrate our component inventory, overhaul capabilities, and our robust supply chain to efficiently and effectively mitigate business risks and help you achieve greater predictability of costs and asset utilization.

With our services, you can reduce your costs for initial provisioning by up to 30 percent and minimize in-stock inventory and holding costs. ICS manages the repair, testing, and recertification of the assemblies/sub-assemblies at no additional charge to you.

Additionally, the parts are upgraded with the latest modifications to support a pool standard. This simplifies your administration and minimizes the chance that you will stock outdated parts.

Our program offers fast turn times without the cost of holding and storing critical assmeblies and sub-assemblies that ties up resources that your company could use to strengthen its core business activities.

ICS will tailor a Rotable Parts Program to your specific business strategy allowing you to do what you do best.

Contact ICS today to learn more about our capital parts and rotable pool offerings.